Staff at SCA
Meet our team
Pam Costes

Mrs. Costes has been dedicated to Christian education for over 30 years. Many of those years have been spent at Spirit Christian Academy. Mrs. Costes has served as an educator in both elementary and secondary education and this is her 6th year as SCA’s Administrator. Mrs. Costes holds a Bachelors in Organizational Leadership and a Master of Education from Concordia University.  She is passionate about education and firmly believes that Christian education should be used as the vehicle to building strong, Godly Character. All four of her children have attended SCA and now her joy is to see her own grandchildren attending SCA.

Professional Development and Athletic Director
Dr. Laseanda Wesson

Ms. Wesson has a passion for education! Laseanda spent 10 years serving her country in the United States Air Force, where she developed her love for teaching. She completed her undergraduate degree in education at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale). She continued her education, receiving a Masters degree in education, and a doctorate in Management/Organizational Leadership. In addition to those degrees, she is a Bible teacher at Friendship Baptist Church, Yorba Linda. Laseanda’s personal mission is to influence the future generation of leaders through teaching, mentoring, and equipping. Laseanda has over 20 years of experience teaching to a diverse population of learners. She began her teaching career in the military. However, her first love is working with children and youth. After a successful career in adult education, she moved to K-12 education and now works at a University-Model® School as Professional Development Coordinator, teacher and Athletic Director.

Academic Advisor, head of Student Life Program
Alyssa Simons

Ms. Simons  is an SCA alumni. She serves as Academic Advisor and Head of the SCA Student Life Program. She is passionate about education and giving students the tools they need for success in their academic pursuits. She earned an AA degree at Irvine Valley College and transferred to Long Beach State to earn a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology-Sports Psychology & Leadership. She is a wonderful teacher and clearly has a passion for serving and loving God.

Dean Of Students
Rob Olson

After a 25+ year career in corporate banking and finance, Rob Olson joined Spirit Academy to serve as Dean of Students and teach 12th grade Systematic Theology, Apologetics, Government, Economics, and Personal Finance. He brings a background of both Bible/theology and business/economics with a Master’s degree in theology from Reformed Theological Seminary, a Master’s degree in business from the University of Southern California, and an undergraduate degree from Biola University. Rob ministers to his church as an elder, leads an annual youth summer camp, and serves on the Board of Directors of Sola Media, a Christian media ministry comprising Core Christianity and the White Horse Inn. Rob and his wife Kate have raised three kids – all of whom have been a part of Spirit Academy, with the oldest now teaching at SCA.  

Family Ministry
Stephanie Heidrich

Mrs. Heidrich has served at Spirit Christian Academy for many years. She is a wonderful example of a Servant Leadership. Currently, she works as head of Family Ministry which provides support and encouragement to the parents of SCA. She is the mother of Hannah who is a SCA alumni and recent graduate of Cal Baptist with a Masters degree. Her husband Gary is a wonderful supporter of the school and often volunteers to help maintain our building. Growing closer to God, caring and loving her family, and caring for the needs of others are Mrs. Heidrich’s passion.

Susan Contreras

Mrs. Contreras has worked at Spirit for the past three years but has been part of the SCA family for 6 years. She has two daughters that attend the school, Malia who will be a senior and Joelle a 7th grader. Susan is our current Registrar but has also worked in Elementary Student Life. She loves to serve with the other families. She encourages others to do so as well because she has met some of her closest friends in doing so.

Middle School Student Leadership, teacher
James Olsen

James Olson teaches high school World History and World Religions/Church History, as well as junior high Public Speaking and Student Life. Currently, he also operates as an assistant coach for Spirit Academy’s baseball team. He is a recent graduate of Biola University, having earned a degree in history. He plans on pursuing a Master of Theological Studies degree at Westminster Theological Seminary. His favorite area of study is the history of the Christian Church, particularly the early Church (100 - 400 A.D.). He also enjoys reading and learning about the Ancient Near East, the Roman Empire, Islam, the early Middle Ages, the Age of Enlightenment, and the World Wars. When not teaching, he loves to play and watch baseball, basketball, and cricket, write fiction, and compose music.

Marie Hyepock