We exist to see every student move from a passive relationship with Jesus into a passionate relationship with Jesus.



ENCOUNTERING GOD: We desire to see students discover God in a fresh way and to learn to value His presence in their lives. Biblically, we understand that whenever a man or woman encounters God's presence, there is always a life altering moment that brings true transformation.

IMPACTING OTHERS: We want to see students impact their peers and the student body at large. Student life takes a discipleship approach which aims to pour into the students and then watch them reach their school. The student life team is the catalyst to the spiritual climate at SCA. They are the leaders and shapers in moving our school forward spiritually. This happens in our leadership class, where we teach the qualities of great leaders, and also where we plan school wide events to reach out to all students.

IMPACTING OUR WORLD: Finally, as leaders, we want to use our influence to reach the world around us. Jesus has called us to partner with Him to be on mission. We cannot simply go to church; we must be the church and live out our faith. The student life ministry looks for ways to impact our city with the love of God and the Gospel message, as well as going on mission trips to reach those beyond us. 


EQUIPPING: We equip through our leadership class. We are teaching the students the qualities of biblical leaders and allowing them to execute these principles in real life.

EDUCATION: We want to keep our students growing by learning about their calling, their weaknesses, and what the Bible teaches about being a true leader.


RELATIONSHIPS: We value community life and sharing our stories with each other. We have small groups that meet to pray, encourage, and connect with each other. 

STUDENT LEADERSHIP: We understand that our best model for leadership is Jesus, and He exemplified servant leadership. We want to bless our school and our students by serving them. 

TIME: In student life, we have many events we are leading, and most of these events are led by students. This is a valuable opportunity in time management. This has, by far, grown and matured the students into effective leaders.