Our Subjects
Curriculum & Courses
Spirit Christian Academy (SCA) curriculum offers a full course of study including English and literature, foreign language, social studies, science, fine arts, computer science, math, Biblical studies, student leadership, and a host of electives. Most high-school courses are A-G approved. Some advanced courses are also available through SCA's online learning partner. All courses are NCAA approved.
A-G Approved Classes
HISTORY: U.S. History, US Government, World History

ENGLISH: World Lit., American Lit., British Lit., Freshmen Lit.

MATHEMATICS: Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus

SCIENCE: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology

VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS: Photography & Yearbook, Beginning Art

7th, 8th grade Bible

9th grade - OT Overview
10th grade - NT Overview
11th grade - Religious Studies: Behold Your God
12th grade - Comparative Religions: Understanding the Times
Math and Science
MIDDLE SCHOOL: Intermediate Math, Pre-Algebra

HIGH SCHOOL: Algebra 1 (A-G), Geometry (A-G), Algebra 2 (A-G),
Pre-Calculus (A-G), Consumer Math

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Life Science 7 Earth Science 8

HIGH SCHOOL: Physical Science, Biology (A-G), Anatomy & Physiology (A-G), Chemistry(A-G)
Literature &
Foreign Languages
MIDDLE SCHOOL: 7th and 8th grade Lit

‍HIGH SCHOOL: Freshmen Literature (
10th grade World Literature (A-G),
11th grade American Literature (A-G),
12th grade British Literature (A-G)

HIGH SCHOOL: Foreign Languages
Fine Arts & Electives
MIDDLE SCHOOL: Study Skills, Student Leadership (ASB), Art, Cooking, Speech & Debate

HIGH SCHOOL: Art, Drama 1 & 2, Cooking, Graphic Design, Geography, Leadership (ASB), Photography & Yearbook (A-G), P.E, Adventure Leadership.