TK - 5th GRADE

Learn how SPA is dedicated to the teaching, training, and encouraging  of our Tk - 5th


TK - 5th

Elementary includes grades TK-5th and meets on campus each Wednesday and Thursday with an optional Monday. TK meets on Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 - 12:30 only. Throughout the school year, our elementary students build community within their classes and participate on various field trips, Read Across America Day and our after school programs, which include stay-and-plays and enrichment opportunities like archery, karate, and cooking.

All Elementary grades participage in bi-weekly chapels that includes a choral program, fun biblical stories, and life applications.

"SCA is a wonderful school filled with caring staff & teachers who truly love our kids"
- Sara

Average Week

Our academic week is set up to provide intentional time for family and adventure.
  • Monday (Optional)
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
We offer a full course of study including literature/English, social studies, science, Biblical studies, and mathematics. Chapel is regularly scheduled throughout the semester. Grade-based discipleship and Bible studies happen throughout the year.
At Home
  • Tuesday
  • Friday
Students are responsible for completing teacher-provided lessons and homework. The parents’ role at the elementary level transitions from being a guide for dependent study at the elementary school level to a course monitor at the secondary level.
Family + Fun
  • Friday - Monday
Our schedule gives three flexible days to families to prioritize family time and church participation.  

Parent Partnership

The cornerstone of SCA is built on a partnership between school and parents. The parent's role is characterized as a co-teacher. The co-teacher has an active role starting in TK and kindergarten and develops throughout the student's educational journey.

The Parent:
  • Receives lesson plans from the master teacher on FACTS outlining the days assignments.
  • Follows and helps student understand and complete the day's assignments.
  • Monitors academic progress and helps student finish work in a timely manner.

SCA's mission is to partner with parents to provide their students with a comprehensive, college preparatory education from a Christian perspective.