Understanding the level of parental involvement will help ensure the success of a student at SCA. The parent acts as co-teacher, providing instruction and guidance in the satellite (or home) classroom. The co-teacher receives instruction from the classroom teacher from class handouts and materials that need to be reviewed on satellite class days; daily lesson plans and assignment due dates on FACTS; and other information that was covered in class.

As outlined below, the co-teacher’s role changes as a student progresses. Throughout their time at SCA, both parents and students are given access FACTS to acquire lesson plans and to monitor academic progress.

ELEMENTARY K-5th CO-TEACHER ROLE: The co-teacher has a very active role beginning in kindergarten which lessens somewhat each year during elementary. Each student is different, therefore the time and role of the co-teacher varies.  

Middle School CO-TEACHER ROLE: The co-teacher is a guide for dependent study. Middle School students want independence but should still be closely monitored by the co-teacher who provides extra tutoring in weak areas and makes sure assignments are done correctly and are turned in on time.

HIGH SCHOOL CO-TEACHER ROLE: At the high school level, the co-teacher is a guide for independent learning. During the high school years there is less focus on teaching and more emphasis on supporting the student to be an independent learner. 

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