A perfect blend of at-home & classroom instruction

SCA is a fully-accredited TK-12 school that utilizes a hybrid-learning model to give more autonomy to students, and provide a support system for parents who are looking to stay more involved in their child's education.

Spirit Christian Academy (SCA) is a hybrid blend of traditional classroom instruction and home education, all combined in a five-day school week. SCA was founded in 1998 with the goal of answering the need of so many Christian parents in search of a better educational model for their children. We are WASC accredited and a certified University Model School which means our curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive, college preparatory education from a Christian perspective.

Our Approach

Hybrid Learning

We offer a hybrid blend of traditional classroom instruction and home education, all combined in a five-day school week.

College Prep

We offer a quality, cost effective education that produces college ready graduates.

Christian Values

We value the importance of relationships with family, community and Christ.

WASC Accredited 

SCA has been an accredited institution for the past 10 years serving over 300 GEDs and with 222 of our graduates choosing to attend university. 

Our Campus


SCA is formatted according to the University Model School (UMS) model. Students meet on campus 2-3 days a week for classroom instruction while on home days they engage in further study by following a teacher generated lesson plan under the guidance of the co-teacher (parent).


The curriculum offers a full course of study including English and literature, foreign language, social studies, science, fine arts, computer science, math, Biblical studies, student leadership, and a host of electives. Most high-school courses are A-G approved. Some advanced courses are also available through SCA's online learning partner. All courses are NCAA approved.


SCA has a strong athletics department offering competitive basketball, football, baseball and volleyball programs. SCA competes against other programs within the California Homeschool Sports League.

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Student Life

Student life is about "doing life together." Most events are student generated and include dances, student government, outdoor leadership retreats and campus lunch-time and after-school events.


Tuition Costs

Student Testimony


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