HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES: Global Studies, World History+/AP World History, American History+/AP World History, American Government+/AP US Government and Politics, AP Macroeconomics, Economics

ENGLISH: English 9+, English 10+, English 11+/AP English Language and Composition, English 12+/AP English Literature and Composition

MATH: Algebra 1+, Geometry+, Algebra 2+, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB, Consumer Math

SCIENCE: Biology+, Chemistry+, Earth Space Science+, Marine Science+, Physics+, AP Biology

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish

BIBLICAL STUDIES: Apologetics, Basic Bible Doctrine+, Understanding the Times+, Have We Lost Our Minds, Introduction to Life Calling, Life Shaping Decisions+

ELECTIVES (SEMESTER COURSE): ACT Prep, Critical Thinking and Study Skills: Prepare for the SAT, Digital Photography: Image Design and Editing, Forensic Science 1: Secrets of the Dead, Forensic Science 2: More Secrets of the Dead, Game Design, Health: Life Management Skills, Mobile App Programming, Music Appreciation, Personal Fitness, Psychology 1, Social Problems 1, Social Problems 2

ELECTIVES (1 YEAR COURSES): AP Art History, AP Computer Science