The Model

Spirit Christian Academy is formatted according to the University Model School (UMS). Students meet on campus 2-3 days a week for classroom instruction. On the other 2-3 week days, students engage in learning and further study at home under the guidance of the parent who serves as a co-teacher. Together they follow a teacher-generated lesson plan in a unique partnership that characterizes the UMS. Following the UMS schedule provides parents quality time to invest in the educational process of their children. 

Academically Strong

After spending over two decades perfecting its hybrid model, SCA has a record of academic excellence with a focus on character development and cultivating an attitude of servant leadership. (Take a look at SCA's School Profile for details.) SCA's robust college preparatory educational program works toward meeting the needs of each student while utilizing differentiated learning strategies and 21st century educational skills all within a strong Christian community. SCA values relationships and places an emphasis on reaching the heart of each student.  

SCA is challenging, but I am thankful to be at SCA

because the teachers care so much,

and the school feels like a family.

  - SCA Graduate (2016)


Elementary includes grades TK-6th and meets on campus each Wednesday and Thursday. There is an optional additional day for Kindergarten and 1st Grade which meets on campus on Monday.

Throughout the school year, our elementary students build community within their classes and through various field trips, Read Across America Day and our after school programs, which include stay-and-plays and enrichment opportunities like archery, karate, and cooking. 

secondary class of 2019.webp


Secondary includes middle school (6th-8th grades) and high school (9th-12th grades). Classes meet Tuesday and Friday with additional instruction in certain core subjects meeting on Wednesday or Thursday. The curriculum offers a full course of study including Biblical studies, English and literature, foreign language, social studies, science, fine arts, computer science, math, student leadership, and a host of other electives. Many courses are a-g approved. Some advanced courses are also available through SCA's online learning partner.

Throughout the year, our secondary students have opportunities to build community in their classes, at dances, serving on the ASB leadership and chapel teams, engaging in lunch time activities, and participating in field trips and outdoor adventures.